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The First national seminar:
Molecular genetics and health

The genetic contributions to disease have seen significant advancements due to recent breakthroughs in high-throughput genotyping and next-generation DNA sequencing technologies. These innovations have generated extensive datasets for genome-wide association studies and whole genome/exome sequencing studies. Against this backdrop, the Genetics Training Team of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory and the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences is organizing a seminar. This seminar aligns with one of the priorities of the Algerian state, which is the health of its citizens. This seminar marks the first national event focused on the applications of molecular genetics in the healthcare sector, with a special emphasis on the work of Algerian researchers. The event, spanning a day and a half, aims to assess the current state of molecular genetics, its application in Algerian healthcare, and to bring together geneticists engaged in molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases in our nation. Through plenary sessions, oral presentations, and poster presentations, the seminar will foster productive discussions. Additionally, the event will serve as an opportunity to convey the importance of genetics in biological research to young researchers who share this passion


Genomics and Health

Important dates
  • Call for submission
  • March 20, 2024
  • Submission deadline
  • April 20, 2024
  • Notification of acceptance
  • May 30, 2024
Guidelines for abstract submission
  • Languages of the Seminar :
  • العربية, Français, English
  • Abstracts (between 250 and 300 words) should be written as follows:
  • Title: Times New Roman (14), bold
  • Authors: Times New Roman (11), bold and centered
  • Affiliation and Email: Times New Roman, italic and centered (10).
  • Abstract text: use A4 paper, 2.5 cm margins on all sides, single-spaced, Time New Roman (12).
  • Keywords: 5 words, Time New Roman (11).
  • Poster size: 100*80 cm.
Abstract presentation types
  • Submit your abstract for:
  • 1. Oral Presentation: If accepted for oral presentation, you will be offered an 10 minutes presentation timeslot
  • 2. Poster Presentation: If accepted for poster presentation, you will be offered a 5 minutes presentation timeslot.